Client - London Borough of Ealing

Project title - Copley Close Window Renewal

Contract Value - £3.4 Million

Duration - August 2012 – March 2014

Project Brief

Design and develop a window and door replacement programme for the Copley Close Estate of 550 properties, including leasehold properties.

Our Work

We provided project management and clerk of works (quality inspections and technical rigor) services. The aim was to determine a quality and cost-effective window to replace the single-glazed anodised aluminium sliding windows, which had very poor security and insulation.

We advised LBE on the various window options, taking into consideration what would be aesthetically pleasing while in-keeping with the surrounding conservation area, cost effective, secure, easy to maintain and accepted by Planning. Windows that were considered:

  • uPVC, wood
  • aluminium
  • wood and aluminium composite

After carrying out a materials appraisal and cost benefit assessment with LBE, we selected the SAPA Crown 75 dualframe aluminium system, due to its slim profile and strength. The windows had to be designed so that they can be integrated into the wider redevelopment programme (due in three years) without abortive work. Consultation took place with residents and other stakeholders. The scope of works included new Secure by Design doors and Trespa infill panels. A detailed specification was drawn up then tendered via the LHC procurement framework.


The project was managed by Preston Neunie and monitored by the clerk of works, Mark Tregunno. Preston also managed all of the administration for the project from inception to final account and end of defects.


Resident satisfaction was 98.5% as residents felt safer and had windows that were fit for purpose. The contract was managed to keep associated costs down to minimise leaseholder’s contributions.

This project was the first major works carried out on the Copley Close Estate for many years, which did not receive any decent homes works and was near to state of disrepair.

The project was a success as this led the way for LBE to seek funding to carry out the full re-development of the 550 properties on the estate.


The services provided

  • Strategic advice on the procurement options for a window and door replacement project.
  • Advise on the works programme, contract type and budget.
  • Coordinate the project team, develop the project initiation document and report to senior managers.
  • Manage the tendering and evaluation process and make recommendations.
  • Carry out a project risk assessment and maintain the risk register.
  • Carry out the contract administration tasks.
  • Advise on H&S matters, include CDM.
  • Manage other consultants.
  • Provide the quality inspection regime.
  • Monitor works in progress.
  • Check specification and manage defects as they arise.
  • Monthly reporting.
  • Advise the PM of any breaches in specification.
  • Monitor site H&S.
  • End of defects sign off.